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    Mr. András Szarvas has got a diplom degree of engineer-cartographer at  the Moscow Institute of Engineers for Surveying, Aerial photography and Cartography (MIIGAiK). He held then various positions from 1972-91 at Cartographia-Budapest  (13 years as the manager for export-import).

       From May 1991 to the present, he has been acting as a private cartographic publisher, map maker and map trader. In the "Green covered" series managed by a group of Hungarian cartographers we have now more than 100 titles (Hungarian hiking maps, city maps, road maps and atlases of Eastern European countries, World atlases etc.).    

    We offer our assortiment of maps to the broadest public, from Hungary and surrounding European countries, to distant continents. The minimum order is one map or atlas. Because we regularly reprint our basic maps, there is no need to buy many maps at one time. It is better to order the latest edition of each map at the time you need it.

    In our catalogue you can find a large selection of Hungarian maps, but we have an increasing number of Romanian titles too. Besides these maps, we also carry a wide range of Central European maps and atlases, so we are looking for distributors in neighbouring countries as well. The GiziMap series cover Asian and African countries.

    Beside selling our collection of maps, we also offer cartographic services. We can produce any map in the most popular digital formats (Corel, AutoCAD, FreeHand, OCAD etc.). Some well-known foreign firms have allowed us to digitise their existing maps, but in many cases we compile new maps. We have special knowledge of Eastern European and ex-Soviet territories, including the fonts necesarry for maps of these areas.

   We are also selling rights i.e. files of ready maps. For example, the best selling "digital titles" are the Road map of Europe (nominal scale 1.3 500 000 with 13 000 names) and the World Political map (nominal scale 1:35 000 000). We are true to our slogan: Trade is not a one-way street. That is why we also buy prints and rights from our fellow cartographers -- so we can save capacity, money and time.

     If you have any new ideas which could be interesting in our part of the World, please do not hesitate to contact me!

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